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- Social Economy in Greece
- General entrepreneurship in Greece
- R&D projects
Market Analysis - Market Research - Cost/Benefit Analysis - State of the Art Analysis
The Rhodes Centre for History and Social Research consists of an experienced team of experts on Sociology, Political Science, History, Economics, International Relations and Communication. They provide any service related to social research including research design, reporting, policy analyses and policy recommendation.
Expert consultancy on research and innovation communication and dissemination.
Support on SEO, content production, copywritting and editing.
Specialised website and social media management.
Ressearch strategy and methodology design.
Project and financial management.
Reporting and liaison with funding operators.
The Rhodes Project SCE offers general conference organisation services, logistics, venue management and mediation with the local authorities at the idyllic conference venues of the Medieval Town of Rhodes.
Web design
Web development
Mobile Applications
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Marketing Plan
Astronomy - starry sky observing with a modern telescope and the assistance of an expert, privat or in small groups.
Career counseling is defined, as the person’s guidance in order to choose the profession that fits to himsef/herself or to find new ways for his/her professional development. Generally, career counseling can be described as a structured dialogue between a counselor and an individual (or a group of individuals), which aims to help the mentees either to cope with perceived limitations in career options, or to find new training, educational or job opportunities.

Provided that they are reliable and valid, Psychometric tools are useful tools in the consultant’s efforts to reinforce the self-understanding processes of their mentees. The psychometric tests, do not substitute the counseling relationship; they improve it.

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